Leaving a Legacy One day you are no longer going to be here on earth and there is nothing you can do about this fact. I’m in the same boat and so were my parents, their parents and also my son. We’re all just occupying this planet for a short period of time and it’s up to us to make the best of it while we can. But what happens to all the things we worked on when we are gone? All the things that were so important to us… unfinished business and untold stories that may die with us.

We can make a difference! We can leave a legacy where we will be remembered for the positive contributions we’ve made in this world. But what can we do? Are we too busy, too tired, don’t think we can do anything worthy of mention? Or can we have the determination within us to actually matter, even after we’re gone?

First we need to ask ourselves: Who am I serving in this life?

If you are you serving yourself, you are focused on what’s best for you. Any why shouldn’t you? It’s a dog-eat-dog world and nobody’s out to help you so you’re focused on helping yourself. And when you’re gone, well, who cares? You’re gone and you had your fun while it lasted. But in your pursuit of self-gratification, you may have built something quite remarkable and impressive. However most people who serve themselves usually have unhealthy relationships. They eventually attract people who are waiting for them to die so they can get their hands on what will be left behind. It’s one way of leaving a legacy.

If you are serving others (or a Higher Power), you are in a different mind frame. You evaluate your actions and see the benefits in what you are doing for others and feel good about helping people. You strive to make improvements in your judgements and setting positive examples for others is meaningful. People who learn from you will take your lead and make sometimes life-altering decisions because of your guidance. This is also leaving your legacy. You never know how future generations will be affected by some of the simplest selfless actions you take. Like being kind to a stranger or introducing someone to their soulmate. Random acts of kindness do more good in the world than many charity organizations.

An excellent reason why many people donate to support the arts is because they are making a conscious choice to leave the world a better place. We know that people see what we are doing with Junga the Dancing Yeti™ and they want to be involved, somehow. They want to be a part of a movement that involves helping vulnerable children. Each child that becomes inspired by our books and lesson plans has a choice to serve themselves or serve others. We are doing our best to ingrain in them the importance of serving others; to have empathy for others and to be kinder. This is the legacy we are leaving and we want you to be a part of this crusade.

How will you be remembered when you are gone?

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