Because You Focused on It.

People wonder why things happen to them. It’s an age-old question: Why do bad things happen to good people? We rarely hear anyone ask “Why do good things happen to bad people?”

It’s true that we tend to manifest good or bad things into our lives as we focus on them. Good or bad things will happen to us regardless of what we think or do, but we do have some control on many issues.

Perhaps you have heard someone make one of these statements (or maybe this is you): “I don’t want to get sick” “I want to quit smoking” “I can’t catch COVID” “Don’t climb that tree, you’re going to fall” “You’re going to give me your illness” or “I want to lose weight”.

The person who makes these statements clearly is focusing on what they don’t want; what they want to avoid and are also projecting what they don’t want for others. It’s putting negative energy around a topic and into one’s mind and they actually gravitate towards the bad things happening. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Law of Attraction
The law of attraction shows us that we do become what we focus on. Our natural instinct for acceptance and love causes us to filter out negative words that can harm us. Words like “Lose” “Stop” “Quit” are filtered out of our conscious mind because they are negative words. Our sub-conscious mind picks up the rest of the message and delivers to our brain something we don’t actually want or need.

Here’s an example: “I can’t afford to catch COVID.” Sounds like a reasonable thing to say, but let’s dissect how this could sabotage the messenger. In our natural human instinct for survival, protection, love and acceptance, our sub-conscious mind filters out harmful or negative words. So “can’t”, being the negative word, gets filtered out. What is left for the messenger’s brain to absorb is “I afford to catch COVID.” It doesn’t grammatically make sense, but the message is still clear. The person is focusing on getting COVID.

This is a major eye-opener for people who finally see what they are doing! They are projecting and attracting negative things into their lives because of their own thought processes. Now, let’s be clear to state that not all the things we think about will or will not happen. There is no magic thought process to cure or prevent illnesses, but we also know that this is the exact reason why placebos work for so many people.

Placebo Effect
Ahhhh, now this is making more sense! The placebo effect is proof that our minds have tremendous power over our bodies, so read on to see how you can improve your life and the lives of others.

Change your focus!
Focus on what you want to happen and be sure to avoid the negative words. Write out ten things you wish to happen and see how many times you want to say the negative and limiting words such as “can’t, don’t, won’t, give-up, lose, quit….”

Re-write the list and see what it is that you really want for yourself and for others. Change “I want to lose weight” to “I want to be thinner”. Can you read some of the examples I used above and see how you can re-state them using only positive words? It works the same way when you are talking with others. If your child is climbing a tree, will you be the parent who projects at them that they will fall? Or will you be the parent who tells them to be careful and to please come down safely?

Be careful what you project to other people. Will you tell someone “You’re going to get sick” or will you say “Please stay healthy” when you are trying to be helpful to them? The best thing you can do is to project what you want to happen, using only positive words.

An Improved Life is Your Choice
You now have an incredible tool for a better life. You’re reading this for a reason and it is your choice to absorb the positive approach or brush it off as nonsense. Whether you think you can or if you think you cannot improve your life through this thought process… either way, you are correct!

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