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Junga the Dancing Yeti ®

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About Junga the Dancing Yeti ®

The Junga Yeti series of books teaches children relevant lessons about acceptance, bravery, doing the right thing, finding the good in others, having a positive self-image, courage, and overcoming bullying. With a great cast of characters, children will enjoy reading the stories over and over as Junga faces challenges and learns valuable life lessons.

When a young yeti boy and his grandma go on a journey to find a safe place to live for the winter, the locals of the new mountain discriminate and treat them harshly. Junga has to learn to be brave and convince his captors that he and Grandma mean no harm to them and hope that he can be reunited with his grandma. Children learn the importance of accepting others who may look different from them and that it is not right to discriminate in this first release from the series. Future books include other anti-bullying topics in which children learn valuable and relevant lessons in an easy to understand story format with beautiful illustrations and lovable characters. 



Demonstrating the importance of leadership and confidence in young children


Teaching the youth how to stand up for what they believe in.


Spreading awareness of anti-bullying and doing the right thing.



Junga the Dancing Yeti® in "Yeti, Set, Go!"

When Junga, Groth and Heidi play football on the mountain, they learn important lessons about sportsmanship. As the locals prepare for the annual Mountain Bowl event, the bullying from other players becomes too much to handle for the kids. Five former NFL players lend their voices to help bring this new book to life in the upcoming film adaptation.

About the Author

Stephen Tako is a motivational speaker and anti-bullying advocate. As the host of his video talk show “Tako Talk”, Stephen has interviewed guests who shared inspirational stories to inspire adults and children who have been negatively impacted by bullying and to increase their self-esteem.
Author of the book “Motivated To Act”, Stephen teaches individuals to live lives more rewarding and to heal from past negative experiences. “Motivated to Act” helps people find the ‘Motivation’ to ‘Act’ upon their true dreams and passions in life.


With the help of our fans across the world, we have been able to launch two children’s books and have spread awareness of leadership and bullying to thousands of kids. Help us reach even more youths now.


This book helps communicate a very powerful point to children in a subtle way by helping gain the realization that our differences make us unique and special and these differences are to be understood, embraced, and loved. It also helps children realize the damages, effects and harms of seemingly appropriate yet hurtful and destructive behavior and treatment of others and how to prevent it from occurring in the first places. Kudos and cheers to Mr. Tako for a point communicated so brilliantly! Highly recommended!
Imran Rahman
Stephen has been a man on an impressive mission for some time now. He has created and developed the character of Junga into a unique mouthpiece for a very real and disturbing problem affecting children, our most vulnerable population—Junga has taken on bullying. By using Junga in such a way, Stephen uses a creature, often considered a “monster” in popular folklore, and therefore, already seen as different, as his protagonist. Through heartwarmingly enticing artwork, Stephen’s story introduces us to young Junga. Junga immediately starts off not fitting in with his own family due of his sensitivity to cold, and in dealing with this sensitivity, he inadvertently discovers dance in order to warm himself up. It is this skill of dance that would eventually endear Junga to creatures who were initially hostile to him because of who he was. These persecutors come to accept Junga for his differences—differences that had been ingrained within them due to a distrust of anything not understood. Thus, in such a delightful, easily understood and beautifully illustrated story, a lesson of acceptance is pleasantly related. Stephen’s book belongs on the shelf of any grade school classroom, and hopefully it will be a class staple one day. I am excited to see where Stephen and Junga go next! I love Junga!!
Rex Alan
Absolutely love the message this story brings to light! Junga the Dancing Yeti ® is full of warmth and love, and much needed lessons on anti-bullying with inclusion of those different from ourselves. The author has really written from the heart and it's impossible to not fall in love with the characters in his story! My children enjoyed this, as have many that I've shared this with.
Krysta Wallrauch