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What we Believe In


To encourage strong leadership skills in children grades K-3rd grade and ingrain in them the desire to treat others as equally important. In instances of witnessing bullying, discrimination, or any form of neglect or abuse, our mission is to motivate children to find and act upon effective resolutions.

Students who gain a clear understanding of what bullying and/or related negative behaviors include and how they affect others are more likely to refrain from such behaviors. Additionally, properly educated and motivated children will likely take action to stop the negative behavior when they see it. Increased awareness for all is the foundation of the Motivated to Act Anti-Bullying Foundation and its creative programs.

We take great pride in what we do and the audience we’ve been able to reach over the years. We can’t wait to see how many more kids we can impact and educate in the future.


To create a partnership with organizations who carry the same mission and aid in the development of educational programs by incorporating a creative approach to learning. Our goal is to enrich the existing academic curriculums by introducing an artistic component consisting of beautifully illustrated Junga the Dancing Yeti® books and eBooks accompanied by a series of professionally tailored lesson plans. With voice-over actors and other movie, film, and sport celebrities we bring to life characters who can inspire, teach and change the young individual.


Junga is easily relatable and his story illustrates the consequences of bullying, both for the bullied and the bullier. In these times, when bullying extends from the home to the playground, it often carries forward into adulthood. Junga is there to help children understand the concepts of bullying and hopefully, to stop the cycle.
Judith Cassis
I loved the way this book laid out a blueprint of how children should treat one another. A roadmap helping children learn how to behave in a socially acceptable manner. This book is a must read for all children and parents. Outstanding!!!
J.E. Harris
This book is well written and beautifully illustrated. It captures the attention of the young and old and those in between! The message is one we all need to embrace, especially during these turbulent times, accepting others although they may be different from us!!
Andrea Princehorn