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Speaking Inquiries

Speaking Inquiries

If you are interested in scheduling Stephen Tako at your event, please fill out the form below. Stephen has spoken for many institutions and organizations all over the United States and Europe with glowing feedback.

We take great pride in what we do and the audience we’ve been able to reach over the years. We can’t wait to see how many more kids we can impact and educate in the future.

Read about our Meet the Author Presentation.

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Stephen is truly a ray of sunshine in an otherwise often scary and unpleasant world. Through his own creativity and talent Stephen has taken on the difficult topics of bullying and loneliness (& suicide) by employing his delightful alter ego, Junga the Dancing Yeti (if you haven't met Junga, you must). Moreover, as a motivational speaker, Stephen brings a genuine positive energy to uplift and get you open to change! Stephen has chosen to have a positive impact in the world so if you're doing a project or need a speaker (or a dancing yeti), expect good things with Stephen!
Gaby T.
American Express
There is nothing so inspiring as passion and Stephen is extremely passionate. I run a program called Captivating Kids and my passion is helping kids find their voice and express. Stephen's focus is on bullying and how it can be eradicated. I think that he is doing an incredible work and commend him on his efforts. I have nothing but praise!
Chanti Niven
Stephen's work on bullying issues is innovative and important. He has created, through mixed media, an excellent tool, that conveys the anti-bullying message clearly and effectively.
Zaheer Ali
Stephen is a dynamic and captivating public speaker. His ability to speak from his heart and share his personal experiences keeps you engaged and wanting to hear more as he delivers his message with a keen wit and wonderful sense of humor.
Skip Bolden
We had Stephen Tako come to our school for a virtual presentation to discuss being an author and bullying. By letting kids know that are being bullied that there is nothing wrong with them, but there is something wrong with the bully. It was a heartfelt message our students took with them. His message of standing up for yourself and other people was very empowering, and the students especially enjoyed how Stephen weaved his book, "Junga the Dancing Yeti™," into the presentation. He also discussed how to write a book, and how he landed on the idea of coming up with a series and making it happen. Stephen was fantastic with the classes, and I would be more than happy to speak about the presentation and Stephen. He was amazing with the kids and a professional to work with on all levels.
Alexander D. Carter
East Woods School
Assistant Head of School
Head of Upper and Lower Schools


To encourage strong leadership skills in children grades K-3rd grade and ingrain in them the desire to treat others as equally important. In instances of witnessing bullying, discrimination, or any form of neglect or abuse, our mission is to motivate children to find and act upon effective resolutions.

Students who gain a clear understanding of what bullying and/or related negative behaviors include and how they affect others are more likely to refrain from such behaviors. Additionally, properly educated and motivated children will likely take action to stop the negative behavior when they see it. Increased awareness for all is the foundation of the Motivated to Act Anti-Bullying Foundation and its creative programs.