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In this second Junga book, children will learn about how kindness and acceptance will build friendships among those who are different from each other. The characters in the book are unique and their uniqueness show how conflicts can arise but also how they need each other when they encounter trouble. The lessons about diversity, anti-bullying, and cooperation are illustrated in this book. Children can learn these important lessons through the adventures of a young dancing yeti and his new friend, Heidi. The lesson plans will help parents and educators guide conversation with young children so they can develop the emotional and social skills needed in their own interactions and relationships with others.
Maria George
Child Development Professor
Junga: The Dancing Yeti is a wonderful book with an important message! The Battered Women's Shelter of Summit & Medina Counties was lucky to have Author Stephen Tako visit our shelter and provide an animated reading. The children fell in love with Junga and his adventure learning about bullying. Staff have never seen the children more attentive than listening to the words jump off the page and viewing the beautiful illustrations! The families lined up to meet Stephen afterwards, as they couldn't wait to get their book signed. Go Junga!
Brittany Paliswat
Battered Women's Shelter Services Manager
Junga the Dancing Yeti has an excellent message for children in regards to bullying. Empathy for others is a lesson we can all learn and apply. Diversity is a gift but we aren't always taught to embrace it. We are taught to be afraid of people different than ourselves which can turn into someone bullying those different from themselves. Studies show that bullying and discrimination is prevalent with children as early as pre-school and that teaching compassion and acceptance for those that look different from us, is a step in the right direction.
Dr. Kathie Mathis
Psy.D, D.D, NCP, CEO California Cognitive Behavioral Institute
Growing up the baby of four girls, my esteem was always compromised. Call me a "late bloomer". This book delves into the confidence and esteem building tools that are needed today to combat bullying and raise esteem on every level. Kids, YOU MATTER and no one should tell you differently.
Tanya Brown
Youngest Sister of the Late Nicole Brown Simpson, Author, Life Coach and Speaker Against Domestic Violence
There are many reasons why children bully one another. This book shows how ‘being a leader and doing the right thing’ can transform lives. It is so easy to label a child as a bully, but Junga teaches us a way to help all children, including the bully. As an athlete and an actress, I've seen my share of people who would have benefitted from an early education on how to treat others with respect and compassion. Every young child should read the series of Junga Yeti books to learn more about courage, empathy and inclusion.
Patricia Summerland
Professional Wrestler, TV Star(GLOW)
As a young person, most everyone feels awkward at some point, and they just want to fit in. But trying to fit in when you’re bigger than everybody else is very difficult. Being much bigger and not as coordinated as the other kids, I was often teased and bullied. Stephen’s book captures the experience of sticking out in a crowd, the importance of finding your confidence to stand tall—even when you’re taller than the rest—and the need to embrace our differences and include others.
Dave DesRochers
Former Seattle Seahawks NFL Player, Keynote Speaker and Current Vice President of PATH2™ Online Career Selection Program
Growing up is sometimes a difficult path for many, especially when some have to deal with a bully that draws one's ability to fully develop mentally because of low self esteem caused by the continuous harassment. I have sat and talked with Author Stephen Tako and appeared on "Tako Talk" with him. Stephen's new book is a must read for parents and teachers alike.
Bob Golic
Former NFL Player Cleveland Browns, Television Actor, Radio Personality and Sports Commentator
In "Yeti, Set, Go!" the feelings of the characters are so relatable for children playing a sport for the first time especially when learning the moves might be a challenge. This book shows the real world of learning, of bullies, of friends, of coaches, of treats and solutions to problems that might surface. They will learn even as they are entertained by the actions in the story. I look forward to sharing this with my own grandchildren who are venturing into this arena.
Sylvia Whitlock
Ph.D. in Education, Psychotherapist (MFT) and Author who broke the glass ceiling for women in Rotary!
Every student deserves a school experience that is safe and optimal for quality learning. This requires that the dignity of each child is recognized, accepted, and celebrated. There is no place for hate or bullying in our schools or on the school grounds. "Yeti, Set, Go!” highlights these core values and offers an opportunity for students to recognize bullying, explore their options, take action, and implement restorative practices. As Coach Hawksie teaches in Yeti, Set, Go!, “Intentionally hurting others and bullying them is not being a winner…True winners play by rules that are fair and honest
Dr. Mike (Michael) McQuary
Ed D SDUSD Board Trustee - District C Member of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club