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MFL Players

The film adaptation of this book has additional scenes with the MFL players that lead up to this scene in the book, showing good sportsmanship. Former Seattle Seahawks player Dave DesRochers, who provides the voice of Coach Hawksie, isn’t the only former NFL player joining the cast for the film version of Junga the Dancing Yeti in Yeti, Set, Go!. 

We are delighted to have four additional former NFL players lending their voice talent to the film as MFL players. 

  • The Eagle is voiced by Brett Faryniarz who wears the #51 jersey from his days playing with NFL’s Los Angeles Rams.
  • The Lion is voiced by Brian Sipe who wears the #17 jersey as he did for NFL’s Cleveland Browns. He was the NFL MVP in 1980 as the quarterback and continues that role in our film.
  • Marques Ogden plays the role of the Buffalo. He played football with NFL’s Buffalo Bills, but his #71 jersey is from his time playing for NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.
  • The Panda who is the co-announcer with King Condor is voiced by J.R. Tolver (Gregory D. Tolver). His time with the NFL was with the Miami Dolphins.