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What is a touchdown in American Football?

A touchdown is a way of scoring points when a football is carried or caught while a player is in the opponent’s end-zone. Getting a touchdown is the highest way of earning points for a team and it is worth 6 points. 

Often in sports, when a player scores points for their team, they get very excited and their whole team becomes very happy. Since this is a big achievement, the person who scores the touchdown often celebrates by doing a dance. This is why Junga the Dancing Yeti likes to dance when he scores a touchdown. In the NFL (National Football League), there is a penalty a player could get if they celebrate too much! So the dance must be appropriate and not last for too long.

It is up to the officials to determine if the celebration is acceptable. Maybe this is why some football players should take dance lessons… In Soccer (called Football in most countries), you will sometimes see a player get so excited after scoring a goal and earning a point for their team, that a male player may take their shirt off to show their celebration.

This may look fun to the cheering fans, but it is actually considered poor sportsmanship and often the player will receive a minor penalty called a Yellow Card. If a player receives two Yellow Cards in a game, it becomes much more serious and turns into a Red Card and they are not allowed to play the rest of the game. Plus the team is not allowed to replace them, so now the team has one less player on the field.

Types of celebration that are more acceptable could be smiling, waving to the fans, or perhaps getting high-fives or hugs from teammates.