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Stephen Tako is a motivational speaker and anti-bullying advocate. As the host of his video talk show “Tako Talk”, Stephen has interviewed guests who shared inspirational stories to inspire adults and children who have been negatively impacted by bullying and to increase their self-esteem.

Author of the book “Motivated To Act”, Stephen teaches individuals to live lives more rewarding and to heal from past negative experiences. “Motivated to Act” helps people find the ‘Motivation’ to ‘Act’ upon their true dreams and passions in life.

One of Stephen’s most ambitious projects is the development of a book series based on his character Junga the Dancing Yeti™. This fictional character has been compared to Rudolph and Dumbo as a favorite children’s storybook. He is working with educators to provide virtual and live presentations to primary school assemblies to motivate and assist children to overcome bullying and other forms of neglect.

Stephen is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. As a SAG-AFTRA union member, he has acted in films, television, and commercials including suicide prevention and anti-bullying public service announcements. Stephen also hosts the Los Angeles Movie Awards, NYLA International Film Festival and the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.

Thank you for supporting us in everything we do. We are grateful for any donations provided as they help us with the creation of current and future projects, including the Motivated to Act Anti-Bullying Foundation. Your support means everything to us.


To encourage strong leadership skills in children grades K-3rd grade and ingrain in them the desire to treat others as equally important. In instances of witnessing bullying, discrimination, or any form of neglect or abuse, our mission is to motivate children to find and act upon effective resolutions.

Students who gain a clear understanding of what bullying and/or related negative behaviors include and how they affect others are more likely to refrain from such behaviors. Additionally, properly educated and motivated children will likely take action to stop the negative behavior when they see it. Increased awareness for all is the foundation of the Motivated to Act Anti-Bullying Foundation and its creative programs.


This book is well written and the pictures are fantastic. As a psychotherapist, I have read this to select children I see in my practice. They cannot take their eyes off the pages, fully attending (and that's good for kids with ADD) and when done, there are several new things to talk about and explore. Can't wait for the sequel to come!
Steve Kassel
I read this book out of curiosity and it sucked me in right from the beginning! Yes, the story was delightful with rich characters and attention-grabbing images, but what really struck me was the depth of the underlying message/lesson. I wish this book had been around 20 years ago when my 26-year-old daughter was young enough for me to read it to her - not only would she have loved the story, but I think it would have been a valuable tool to help get her through a bullying problem that left her fearful of going to school.
Bryan Noar
What way to engage and activate a child's mind by reading. The author and illustrator do a magical job captivating the child's imagination in this well told story about how all things don't look the same but hold the same value. It open's up a dialogue with your children as they explore and learn that different doesn't mean better. The narrative gives us a timeless message about anti-bullying and it starts at the earliest levels.
Nancy A. Earhart