Standing Tall Within the Crowd


Each of us have unique attributes within society. We’ve all experienced pain at some point because we are different from others. While there is an ingrained desire to fit in with others, many people despise their differences. Self-loathing has caused so much pain and can be avoided with proper counseling, proper peer influences and with surrounding oneself with positive streams of energy.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist. I’ve had a lot of training on human behavior and find people to be fascinating. To learn why people do the things they do or think the way they think has always been enlightening to me. I’ve learned the Neuro-Linguistic method and to this day, use the techniques in my presentations. I co-hosted a relationship radio show for a year with a licensed family counselor. And I have my own talk show on YouTube where I’ve interviewed counselors, athletes, victims of bullying and more, in order to help people enjoy better lives.

As a part-time actor, I played a yeti in a film in 2011. After filming, I was drawn to the character because I was a nice yeti and people assumed I was an evil monster because of my looks and what they’d heard about yetis. At 6’7”, I was standing pretty tall and in costume, pretty intimidating to others. But I loved to dance and make people smile…. This yeti was very different and became depressed simply because he was misunderstood.

Ten years later and I’ve taken these differences, the pain of rejection, the fear of the unknown future, the many hurdles and disappointments, and continued to look at the positives. Continued to persevere when most would have quit. This perseverance isn’t natural. My endless optimism wasn’t always met with warmth. What would have felt more natural, would have been to throw in the towel and give up on their dreams or passions. That’s what most people will do, and for good reason, because it can be very lonely at the top.

Please join me on this blog adventure as I share stories of amazing people that have inspired me along my own path. We will cover ways to switch negating thought processes into positive energy and see how many of us have been sabotaging our own path to success. How can we use our unique gifts and inspire others within our inner circles? Let’s delve into our differences and find ways that we can all stand tall within the crowd.